We offer weekly mat classes at various levels, suitable for all ages. The classes run as courses to ensure you make progress each week. Each group is small, containing a maximum of six participants, so that we can tailor the sessions to meet your individual needs.

New courses start from 5th November 2019. Most courses run for 7 weeks and cost £73.50.

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Beginners/Level 1
Monday 6pm


Classes for those with little or no prior experience of pilates. Beginners courses have a clear progression from the fundamental principles to a solid grounding in basic pilates skills. 


Level 1/Intermediate 
Monday 7pm
Wednesday 7pm
Thursday 9.15am


Classes for those with some pilates experience, working at a slightly gentler pace than intermediate classes. Still lots of room for challenge and progression!


Monday 10.30am
Tuesday 7pm
Tuesday 8pm
Wednesday 10.30am
Wednesday 2pm
Thursday 7pm
Thursday 8pm


Classes for those with a solid grounding in pilates skills and principles. Intermediate classes continue to build on your skills and develop your strength. There is progression and challenge and sometimes a bit more pace!


Intermediate / Advanced
Wednesday 9.30am
Friday 9.45am
Friday 10.45am


Faster paced with some more advanced exercises. These classes are for those with a good amount of experience and understanding who want to continue to develop their practice.


Men's Class
Tuesday 9pm


Whilst men are welcome in any of the other classes, this one is men only! An intermediate group that can flex to take on newer members. Classes are targeted at addressing the muscular imbalances that often affect male bodies.


Cancellation policy: If you are unable to attend a class but give us at least 24 hours notice, we will endeavour to offer you a class on an alternative day or time within the course dates stated. Unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.