What is Pilates? 
Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes breathing, core conditioning and quality of movement.  It is a safe and highly effective way to stretch, strengthen and streamline your body without building bulk or stressing your joints. Pilates will help you to use your body fully. The exercises are a great complement to sport, recovery from injury and everyday life.

Who can attend?
Pilates is for anyone, whatever your age or level of fitness. From elite athletes to those with injuries or chronic illnesses – as well as people who just want to feel fitter – many men and women have discovered the benefits of Pilates.

What if I have an injury?
We will take a full history to enable us to teach you safely and effectively. Sometimes we will ask your physiotherapist/doctor/osteopath for more information or a treatment plan before you begin the course. Pilates often helps in managing and recovering from injury.

How will I feel?
Pilates engages the mind as well as the body. It will help improve concentration skills, co-ordination and strength. You will feel longer, leaner and more toned. Pilates targets the deep postural muscles, building strength from the inside out. You will learn to move more efficiently. Pilates can help prevent injury by rebalancing the body and bringing it into correct alignment.

What if I am pregnant?
Let us know and we will tailor the exercises to take you safely through your pregnancy. Pilates can help you to manage your pregnancy and birth both physically and mentally.

What happens if I cannot attend one of the sessions?
As long as you give a minimum of 24 hours notice, then we will endeavour to offer you a class on an alternative day or time within the course dates stated.