““You have put me in touch with my body in a positive way; one that impacts me on a daily basis. As a result of your classes I feel longer, leaner and slightly more sane! Our Friday sessions are about more than exercise for me – they’re good for the soul – thank you.” Toni

“I’m really enjoying the fact there is always something new to learn! Hannah is just fabulous, amazing and inspirational.” Carole

"I’ve seen a real improvement in my core stability and fitness since attending Emma’s Pilates classes. I always found the classes to be enjoyable whilst still testing and would recommend them to anyone looking to take up Pilates." Paul McShane (Reading FC and Ireland international)

“Through her use of Pilates, Emma has provided the professional players at Reading FC with fantastic support. Working both individually and with groups she has been able to achieve significant improvements in players flexibility and control of movement. Her work has had a positive effect on both the recovery of injuries and within our injury prevention programme.” Luke Anthony (Injury Prevention Specialist)

“I just have to say how much I enjoy your style of teaching, and your energy, and the way that you talk us through every movement and remind us to breathe, you stay in contact with each and everyone of us!” Dianne 

“I really enjoy Emma’s pilates classes. Emma has a considerate and supportive teaching style, classes are well thought out and an enjoyable highlight in my busy week. I can really feel the benefit since starting, my posture and back are so much better! Great classes, I can only recommend them :-)” Rachel

 "I would like to say I am so pleased I found your classes.  Hannah is a very good teacher and I do not find I am clock watching, as I have at other classes we have attended!" Jane

“I’m very lucky to have found such a knowledgeable local Pilates teacher who really understands how our bodies work. Through Emma’s sessions I have gained core strength, flexibility and coordination and have even gained ½ inch in height!” Sandra

“Emma is such a friendly and welcoming teacher who really understands her craft. She offers great support and belief in her students and after a very short time I noticed great improvement in my ability and suppleness. I would recommend her classes to everyone.” Steph

“Pilates with Emma is a great way to spend an hour!” Janette